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Formula 1 kills ecology or ecology kills Formula 1?

Active involvement of Formula 1 in environmental issues - is it good or bad for the sport?

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Formula 1 kills ecology or ecology kills Formula 1?
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Ecology is one of the main topics of recent years. In 2020, an environmental question has reached a new level: now it is not enough to just know about this problem, it is important to act. Many companies in various areas support the fight against environmental pollution. Formula 1 also can not stay out of it.

When it comes to ecology, the auto industry seems one of the most harmful, even "enemy", because emissions from internal combustion engines (ICE), perhaps, cause the greatest and most significant harm to the environment and atmosphere.

At the end of 2019, we have already seen an official statement from the FIA about long-term plans to make the championship environmentally neutral. Basically, it was about engines: gradually reducing carbon emissions from ICE to zero level, using biofuels, and so on. According to the opinion and plans of the championship management, all these decisions should make the Formula an eco-friendly sport by 2030.

The other side of the emissions problem is the famous teams’ motorhomes.


You probably know how look like those beautiful, two-floor buildings that are a kind of paddock fence. At each Grand Prix, each team is located in these "homes", where drivers have their rooms and employees have their offices. The first floor or hospitalities are intended for teams’ guests and journalists (for informal media sessions).


So, these motorhomes can literally fall victim to the fight for the environment. The fact is that the teams use more than 300 trucks to transport motorhome constructions. There are 22 races in the championship calendar - it is easy to imagine how much harmful emissions occur in the atmosphere during this time.

The Managing Director of Formula 1 Ross Brown told that the championship management is currently considering ways to optimize the logistics of moving teams from one stage to another - in theory this may force teams to refuse to use usual motorhomes in favor of simpler designs.

The fight for the ecology and take care of the environment is undoubtedly important, and the future of our planet depends on it. The only question is, how will this affect our favorite sport? Will F1 switch to fully electric motors, or will great engineering minds be able to offer a solution where internal combustion engines will remain, but its harm will be less? Will we lose the beautiful motorhomes and other attributes of the famous Formula 1 paddock? Will the fight for the ecology kill the spirit of the Formula? So just have to wait and see.

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