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Alfa Romeo launches on-line the first fire-up of their C39

Another social media sneak peek, this time from Hinwill on the new car.

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Alfa Romeo launches on-line the first fire-up of their C39
Fuente imagen: Alfa Romeo's official Twitter account

If you want to do something efficient, the new millennium teaches you you have to do it on-line and you have to do it quickly.

Every team had already revealed when they are going to present to the world the car they are working on since 2018. They did it as every year with a precise schedule.

The whole Formula 1 world is beginning to filling in with anxiety and impatience to watch the new challengers take life, as it will mean that obviously the long-lasting winter break is finally coming to an end.

And that’s when things are changing.

In fact, every team is choosing even more to avoid Liberty Media’s restrictions and to use confidently any social media account in order to communicate directly with their audience.

The first to choose this line has been Williams. The British team said that their new car reveal will happen on-line, from their farm. Then, unexpectedly, Haas chose to break with an early revealing, launching via Twitter their new creature, even if it happened through a render.


Now it comes from Alfa Romeo.

The Hinwil-based team, in fact, just revealed a fire-up on their new C39. They shared a video in which you can admire all the people who are working non-stop to make it happen. A wonderful way to keep up with their challengers – at least on the promotional side- and get in touch with the audience.

 “450 people, 1.500 car parts, 8.000 drawings, more than 100.000 working hours- 1 team” the team says in the opening video. And then a catchy music starts with revealing an early fire-up of the C39, the new car of the Alfa Romeo Orlen team. Now, it will be Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi work to test it.

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