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The menace of Coronavirus, McLaren: “We will protect our staff”

The Woking Team promises to keep its staff safe from the virus in Vietnam too.

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The menace of Coronavirus, McLaren: “We will protect our staff”
Fuente imagen: McLaren Official Twitter account

Traveling the world is definitely the dream job of everyone but everything changes when there is a virus epidemic raging on and you have to go everywhere to just do your work.

This is happening right now, with the Coronavirus spreading anywhere in the four corners of the world and people is starting to feel insecure and at risk.

No, it is not a movie about an apocalyptic future, this is reality and this is 2020.

Formula 1 bosses have already taken the wise – and difficult- decision to cancel China GP  in order to avoid some risks of exposing people to the virus… but what about Vietnam?

This year, in fact, Vietnam will- or it would be more correct to say it should host the first GP of the story. The problem is that it will take place only two weeks later than the Chinese GP and it is in Asia as well, right in the centre of the plague of the Coronavirus. If China is cancelled then why is Vietnam still there?

The boss of McLaren, Zak Brown takes seriously the health of his employers and he made it clear with a declaration.

“We will react when we know some more about this uncomfortable situationZak Brown says – We know some races have been cancelled in the past but this does not mean this is necessary in this case”

The Woking-based team boss is monitoring the development of the Coronavirus outbreak as he needs to know better how to protect his staff without falling into alarmism.

“We will have to monitor the situation. Actually, there is no risk in Vietnam but Hanoi is obviously in the neighbourhood of the heart of the virus. This means we will have to study the changes of the virus and only then we can decide if it’s safe to go racing there or not”.

We will have to wait as well to watch this season taking a different shape than the one planned and see how they will decide to handle with this – as Brown said- uncomfortable situation.

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