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Renault’s boss Prost: “We do not have great expectations for the upcoming season”

Alain Prost reckons that he has conservative expectations over the 2020. The Fomula 1 World Champion added that it would be difficult to keep Ricciardo in the team in 2021.

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Renault’s boss Prost: “We do not have great expectations for the upcoming season”
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Following the new R.S.20 launch, Renault’s non-executive director Alain Prost claimed that he is cautious about the 2020 season. Prost, interviewed at Renault’s Paris launch by Autosport, pointed out that Renault has to be sincere regarding the objectives to set and indicated that he does not expect to challenge Mercedes, Ferrari ad Red Bull for the championship.

The four-time Formula 1 World Champion added that he feels concerned about the possibility to keep Daniel Ricciardo in the team in 2021 after the two-year contract expiration. Indeed, Prost said that Ricciardo's perception of Renault’s possibilities to do well in 2021 will be crucial to retain the Australian driver.

"This year, we have to say the truth," said Prost, speaking at Renault's Paris launch.

"We don't have a high expectation about this year, so it's a shame for Daniel, the second year with not a lot but it is going to be better.

"I think it's going to be more his perception of what we could do for 2021, and also being realistic about the offers he is going to have from other teams."

He added: "He will decide by himself but we will talk very soon. We don't have everything in our hands, that's for sure."

On the other hand, Ricciardo underlined that he has not considered any options so far while claiming that he believes in Renault’s capacities to improve for now.  Nevertheless, the Australian Driver remarked that he would eventually consider other possibilities in the future, depending on what happens in the subsequent months.

Ricciardo added that, although the last season is disappointed, he is extremely focused on the 2020 championship, ready to be fully committed before exploring other opportunities for his future career.

"I don't have anything written down with Renault beyond this year but whatever may or may not come in the next few months, or over the course of the year, I'm 100% committed to still making this work," he said.

"I haven't thought about scenarios yet of being somewhere else.

"I do feel like last year was a bit of an unknown, but I do feel this year there is much more in place to get this thing on the right track, and to kind of tick some of the boxes that I thought we would tick when I signed the contract.

"For me personally as well I do want it to work. I do want this year to be successful."



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