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Does Mercedes’ dominance make Formula 1 less attractive?

Toto Wolff denies rumors and admits that this domination is “on a really good path”.

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Does Mercedes’ dominance make Formula 1 less attractive?
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Several people claim that Mercedes domination is making F1 little bit boring, but Mercedes chief Toto Wolff stated “Mercedes winning a sixth championship, you can say, does this make people turn off? But the point is there was still variability and unpredictability".

“You wouldn’t know before the weekend if a Ferrari was on pole position or if a Red Bull was on pole position, whether Max Verstappen would win [...] The battle between the generations is something that is a great attraction: Vettel against Leclerc, Verstappen against Hamilton. This is something that attracts the audiences.”

The German team won 15 out of 21 races in the past season stating this dominance in the championship that will probably intimidate the other teams.

“For me the best news is that we’re growing our audiences and fanbase with the younger generations. And I think, overall, we’re on a really good path.” he confirmed.

He also said something about the audience growth: “You would imagine that linear TV is something that should be quietly shrinking, and it’s not for Formula 1. It’s actually one of the few sports that is growing the audiences.”

“We’re looking back at the year 2019 with almost 2 billion viewers, 419 million unique viewers, almost 90 million viewers over a weekend and an average of more than 20 million live viewers for the Grand Prix.”

“We’re the fastest growing sport on social media, even compared to all the American leagues. You can see that we’re on a good track. Liberty is doing a good job by opening up social media, which wasn’t the case before.”


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