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Esteban Ocon: "There is much better atmosphere between Daniel and me than with Sergio"

Esteban Ocon admits that he feels there is a better atmosphere in Renault with Daniel Ricciardo than in Force India with Sergio Perez.

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Esteban Ocon: "There is much better atmosphere between Daniel and me than with Sergio"
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The preseason tests are about to start. The time in which we will see the cars on track setting times is approaching. Drivers in different teams, new cars, new liveries, new tracks, this is all that will appear in the 2020 season. If you don’t know the line-ups of the teams, here is a quick summarize. Mercedes stays with Hamilton and Bottas, Ferrari with Seb and Leclerc, Red Bull will keep Max and they decided to stay with Alex Albon, Racing Point will have Lance Stroll, obviously, and Sergio Perez as their drivers, Alpha Tauri will have Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly, Haas will have Grosejan and Magnussen once again, Alfa Romeo will stay with experienced-driver Kimi Raikkonen and not that experienced-driver Antonio Giovinazzi, Renault “dropped” Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Ocon will replace him as the Frenchman will race alongside Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren will try to defend their 4th place with Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz as their drivers and, finally, Williams will have George Russell as their first driver and Nicholas Latifi as their second driver. Not every pair of teammates can have a good relationship. Let’s remember Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, Seb and Webber or Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost themselves. In this case, we are going to talk about Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon relationship in Force India.

Esteban started his career in Force India in 2017, while Sergio Perez was already much more years there. They had contact in Baku 2017, Spa 2017, Singapore 2018, Canada 2017 (no contact but tension on track). For a team, this is the worst possible situation, you have two drivers that both are capable to win and, obviously, both want to win. This happened in Red Bull, they had Daniel Ricciardo, who wanted to win, and Max Verstappen, who also wants to win. In that situation, Daniel left the team and now, Red Bull is only focused on Max. There was a lot of tension in Force India, it came into a point that the team decided to not let their drivers fight each other or they would had probably caused a collision and it that would’ve meant no points. In an interview with Esteban during the presentation of the new Renault RS20, he compared his relationship with Daniel Ricciardo and with Sergio Perez.

"What happened in my stage in Force India is not something I would like to repeat again. The truth is that there was no good atmosphere. Obviously, there was respect between Sergio and me, so the team did not descend, but, however, there were no good feelings among us. On the track we were very close several times, and that was not good for our interests, so it is something that I do not want to happen again. However, there is much better atmosphere between Daniel and me than with Sergio. If Ricciardo and I can work like this, even though the relationship is different on the track, I think it will be much better for everyone to bring positive energy to the team. Hopefully we are solid in that sense. " Expressed the Frenchman.

"I face this season with a completely different mindset, and I don't want to establish rules from day one because I think that creates tension. Ocon's relationship with Perez was not the best, and that reminds me a little of when I arrived at Red Bull and before Webber and Vettel had been there. I feel prepared for the competition, but not for games and fun moments. If there are games and amusements on the track, I will deal with it, but I really think I arrive with an open and positive mindset. I won’t think that Esteban wants to make something bad to me." Commented the Honey Badger (Daniel Ricciardo).

Both drivers (Esteban and Daniel) are getting to know each other and this couple looks a very promising team. Where will they finish?

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