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James Allison on their DAS system: "This is not news for the FIA"

The technical director of Mercedes, James Allison, commented that their DAS system isn't new for the FIA as they had already told them a couple of months ago.

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James Allison on their DAS system: "This is not news for the FIA"
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Mercedes have done it again. They have just proven that they are the best team in the Formula 1 grid, why? Because they are always innovating and thinking of new elements to add to their car. A little new component can be the difference between loosing or winning, it can increase your lap times or improve them. If you have watched Formula 1, you might have seen that a second is a world. Now, imagine you add a new component to your car, and it gives you more speed in straights and in corners. Well, that’s what Mercedes just did with their DAS system. Its name comes from Dual Axis Steering. Everyone was/is concerned about this new component as it looks very promising.

"I probably won't shed much more light than you saw on TV, but we do have a system in the car, it's a new idea," Allison said when asked about what was seen on the camera onboard Hamilton’s car. The legality of the system was the most questioned in Barcelona, ​​many teams were observed studying this Mercedes solution and in social networks the issue took a lot of flight. In this regard, the technical director of the German team said that "this is not new for the FIA, it is something we have been talking to them for some time."

"The regulations are quite clear about what is allowed in the steering systems and we trust that it meets all its requirements. It only introduces an extra dimension to the steering, to the driver, which we hope will be useful during the year, but precisely how we use, why we use it, it is something that we will keep for ourselves, "continued Allison on the DAS, which also helps the front tires to better manage the temperature with a decrease in air resistance.

Also, Allison made it clear that the W11 will have many innovations in which Mercedes worked, but clarified: "Only they are not as obvious to you as a discrete system like this, that you can see it with your own eyes." Finally, the technical director said that "one of the things that makes me very proud is to be part of a team that not only turns the sausage every year, but is looking every year how we can learn fast enough to bring all these innovations to track and make them work. This is fun, but it's just the tip of an iceberg of similar things that are in the car. "

For his part, Hamilton also elaborated on the issue and said he spent the morning "trying to be aware and understand it; in terms of security, there were no problems today." In this way they responded from Mercedes to a controversial innovation that resulted in accusations against him. However, the Germans have proved to be one step ahead of their competition after having implemented solutions that left several mouths open in the paddock. Will the FIA mark it as legal? If yes, will other teams copy it?

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