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Newey hits out at "restrictive and prescriptive" 2021 rules

Red Bull technical director Adrian Newey believes the 2021 aero regulations will be a step backwards and will turn F1 into 'GP1'

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Newey hits out at "restrictive and prescriptive" 2021 rules
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Adrian Newey’s seamless creativity and innovative spirit are currently being tested by the features of the 2021 body of aerodynamic rules, which he regarded as “resctrictive and prescriptive”.


Teams and drivers are embracing the change that is set to majorly shake up the F1 scene from 2021 onwards, introducing several news from car concepts to the GP weekend programme itself.


Next season stands for a massive opportunity of breakthrough for Ferrari and Red Bull, which have attempted in vain to thwart Mercedes’ dominance. However, Newey is convinced that per the new regulations there will not be enough room for experimentation and boldness.


"For several reasons I want the regulations change to come because it is an opportunity to try and understand new concepts. What I don't like is the general tendency of the latest regulations to be increasingly restrictive,"


Newey strikes out as he hails the 2009 change while contrasting it with the upcoming set of rules. Hence, he states that a step backwards is awaiting F1, which (in his own words) is likely to turn into ‘GP1’.


"What was very good about the last major change in 2009 was that it was not more restrictive. But the new rules for 2021 are very restrictive and prescriptive. And I think it's a terrible shame,"


"It seems to me that it makes us turn into GP1 and I think it is not what Formula 1 should be".


Only time will tell if the 2021 step will be beneficial to F1 or not. In the meantime, the opinion of one of the main pioneers of innovative solutions in the 2010s stands up against it. Pat Symonds had previously warned about the outcome of immature designs and concepts for next year, as it takes time to get a better understanding of a fresh set of rules.

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