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Mattia Binotto about possibility of implementing DAS on Ferrari cars

The principal of Italian team did not rule out creating an innovative system of the rivals on Ferrari cars, but still doubts its usefulness.

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Mattia Binotto about possibility of implementing DAS on Ferrari cars
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In the first week of pre-season testing in Barcelona, Mercedes surprised the rest participants of the championship with an innovative solution – the DAS steering system. Many teams have taken a closer look at the new thing and have already decided to apply it to their cars. However, Mattia Binotto was not quick to recognize the system as absolutely winning, saying that before the possible implementation of it, the team needs to study it, its benefits. At the moment, Ferrari specialists in Maranello have not yet had time to evaluate the technology.

At the same time, the principal said that even if Ferrari decides to use a similar technology, they would not implement it until the summer, since this stage is not included in the team's schedule now.

"I think we need to understand how it works and what could be the real performance benefit of it," Binotto said.

"I don’t think we have got a true understanding of it yet. We will look into it no doubt and develop it if it worthwhile."

However, on the first day of the testing, the FIA said that the DAS system will be completely banned in the season-2021. Therefore, at the moment, the possibility of introducing this system by Ferrari in the middle of season looks useless.

Mattia also told Ferrari does not doubt the legality of the system and fully trusts the FIA that the DAS can actually be used by teams.

"Are we discussing with the FIA? Not yet – we will do for clarification as it is important for us to understand – but, as I said, we will not challenge the FIA on their decision because we trust them fully in what will be or has been on the decision on it."

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