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Will Honda F1 be blown out from electric revolution?

After 2021 Honda's commitment in F1 resembles a question mark. The cause? The electric cars raise

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Will Honda F1 be blown out from electric revolution?
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Two years. That could the countdown for Honda's exit from F1 championship: a leave to the Circus? Possibly.

The electric 'power' of the new generation of ecological cars to be released on the market could be the axe thrown over the Japanese; yet Ross Brown and Chase Carey already pointed the finger to this new trend of the industry: now they're reached by 'The Professor' Alain Prost, stating that

There's a lot of stupid regulation going on. We're going to kill the automobile industry in Europe. It is absolutely stupid

But as Formula E is raising in popularity and manufacturers are constrained towards abandoning the 'black gold', another victim could be reaped.

The talkings between Honda and Red Bull are stretching parallel to the development of the season: the stakes are high for this year. Max Verstappen will want to get out of Charles Leclerc's shadow, while Alex Albon will likely have in mind the season of Pierre Gasly and what to avoid.

F1 is the sport that we love. But is it really a sport?

Japanese have still another season planned in bringing Power Units to the 'Bulls' and to little sister AlphaTauri: difficult to say if the massive change of 2021 rules could justify only one year of permanence in F1.

We are speaking to Red Bull about the continuation after 2021

told to Autosport F1 managing director Masashi Yamamoto,

But the other thing we have to consider is the whole car industry is facing a very difficult situation because of electrification

Governments are banning the sale of fossil fuels within less than 20 years; but

at the moment we just focus on F1 and we don't have any plan to participate in Formula E. [...] Obviously we are interested [in FE] and we are continuing and collecting the information [...] We have to focus on F1

concluded Yamamoto.

Harakiri or intellect? Time will tell. But not as soon as a rapid charge time.

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