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Albon: “We would discover sneaky DAS anyway”

Alex Albon spoke out about the Barcelona testing coverage and the “controversial” DAS system implemented by Mercedes.

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Albon: “We would discover sneaky DAS anyway”
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In a recent interview, Alex Albon admitted that the rival teams of Mercedes would have discovered the new system implemented by Silver Arrows. The Dual Axis Steering system, as explained by technical experts, appears to change the alignment of the front wheels, that can lead to the tyres being heated more evenly, across a few other advantages. This system was discovered during Lewis Hamilton’s morning stint at the second day of winter testing, and has caused a steer among the teams and fans due to the broadcast that made it possible to be discovered so fast. Very quickly many questions came into being, with many doubting the legality of such advancements. 

As Albon said “maybe we wouldn't have seen it in so early in testing”. He added, “It's quite nice to have all these on-boards and all that. But at the same time, teams nowadays, they have photographers everywhere. Maybe we'd have known about it and you guys wouldn't have”. 

The 23 years old driver also expressed his concerns over the system: “But it is sneaky. To be honest, I don't really know what it's being used for - I was driving the whole day. So I just came back without a debrief and suddenly there was this thing on the screen all the time - replays showing the steering.”


Many teams, such as Renault and McLaren have praised Mercedes for the innovation. Mattia Binotto, the Ferrari F1 chief has acknowledged the innovation as well, but he thinks it will not have so much influence on the title fight. 

There has been also questions raised about the DAS being a breach of F1’s Parc Ferme regulations, despite being deemed legal by FIA. The article that can challenge the system is the Article 34.6 that means "A competitor may not modify any part on the car or make changes to the set-up of the suspension whilst the car is being held under parc ferme conditions”. As said by Alan Permane, the sporting director of Renault F1 "There's probably a parc ferme question mark over it, but I suspect that the detail lies in is it a steering system or is it suspension system?The two in the technical regs are defined differently and that's where the detail is.”

Since the DAS system has been made illegal beyond the 2020 season, most of the teams despite being curious are focused on their own development then recreating that system for their own needs. 

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