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Wolff, Hamilton dismiss overstatements on contract talks

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes' Toto Wolff addressed the rumours concerning the future of the six-time champion, who is evaluating his options for 2021 onwards.

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Wolff, Hamilton dismiss overstatements on contract talks
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Lewis Hamilton is certainly one of the most coveted pawns available on the drivers’ market for 2021, after last season ended with an intriguing outbreak of rumours over Ferrari talks. By the beginning of the new year, the Briton was already linked to a potential contract extension with Mercedes sealed on a whopping sum.

In an exclusive interview on Sky Sports F1, Hamilton and Wolff addressed the rumours concerning his next move, stating that there is no rush to reach an agreement yet.

"We haven't sat down and talked yet. It's crazy because there's all these talks in the media and everything” said Hamilton.

"I have a certain approach normally in the sense that I don't stress. I trust Toto and we have that trust between us. We have told each other basically what our goals are, and what our aims are, and our commitments and so I don't ever feel there's necessarily always a rush.

"But sometimes Toto's like 'is everything ok?' So we always keep the channel open and I'm sure in the near future we'll start to sit down. But I don't feel stressed."

Toto Wolff took the chance to dismiss all the rumours on Hamilton’s over-the-top monetary demands. Hence, both parties are going to adopt a relaxed kind of approach before kicking off more formal discussions.

"I texted Lewis the other day and [said] I'm reading all these comments in the press about our negotiations and that Lewis is asking for so much money - we have never talked about it! It's all made up said the Austrian.

"Then I said maybe we should sit down one day and have the chat. But I think I know so well where he's going to go, you know where I am, it's about finding a day where we spend a few hours together. That's what we've done in the past."

Shifting to the Ferrari topic, Hamilton has always been tight-lipped and cryptic in his declarations. Heading to Maranello, if the domino starts falling from within the factory, would definitely stand for a concrete option for Hamilton. However, he is not letting anything out of his mouth any time soon in regard of past meetings or future scenarios. 

Trying to win with Ferrari? His answer was rather underwhelming. “I think that's like a short-term kind of thing,” he said.

If you look at all drivers who have driven for Ferrari, obviously it's an incredible team and obviously the car's always beautiful red. I have got red on my helmet. Red is the colour of passion or love or whatever you want say”.

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