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Bottas expects the three top teams battle at the start of the season-2020

The Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas thinks his team, Red Bull and Ferrari will fight in Australia, despite the testing results.

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Bottas expects the three top teams battle at the start of the season-2020
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Valtteri Bottas finished both testing weeks in Barcelona as a leader, with setting the best overall time of the sessions 1:15.732.

The driver explained that the testing can not show the full picture of what level the teams are at, so  should not make conclusions based on the results of the sessions in Barcelona.

"From testing, it’s impossible to draw detailed conclusions of where you are," the driver is quoted by Insideracing.com.

Last year, before the start of the season-2019, Mercedes was not the best in the pre-season test, while its main rivals Scuderia Ferrari showed incredible times. But then Mercedes drivers began the year with wins.

"We felt we really struggled last year in testing and then we were really strong in Melbourne, so you never know what other packages teams are bringing to the first race from testing," Bottas explained.

"Even from testing times, it’s tricky to read. I still think it’s going to be three teams challenging, at the beginning of the season at least, for wins."

Valtteri also said that the work of the teams in testing looks like 'weird game', since each of them operates according to its own program. However, already at the first race of the season, all the hidden moments will become clear and then it will possible to make any accurate conclusions.

"It’s a weird game in this sport sometimes with how much you’re showing your speed in testing," he admitted.

"Only the teams themselves know the true form they have. They can calculate and add up everything in terms of performance, what lap time they could do in theory, and we can only guess what other teams are running and how much they have in their pocket."

"It’s so difficult to say. We’ve also learned as a team it’s very important to keep focusing on our own work and own performance, doing our job, and eventually, the time will come that everyone will show their cards."


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