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Formula 1nsecurity: how 2020 is so uncertain

All the uncertainties that are showing up for the new season

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Formula 1nsecurity: how 2020 is so uncertain
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The 2020 season of Formula 1 has already begun, even if it is not official yet, as the first race is going to take place in Melbourne in two weeks – if it is going to happen as it was scheduled- and the scenario that is taking shape is not one of the best.

The key word we can use to describe the perspective that is falling down upon the upcoming season is uncertainty.

In fact, the shade of the Coronavirus is affecting the schedule of the races. Matter of fact is, is it not the only point that is making Formula 1 so “shaky” this year.

Let’s analyse all the insecurities that are entering the new season.

The first of all is -as expected- the Coronavirus. With the Covid-19 spreading worldwide so easily, every public show is closing its doors, in order to avoid to gather a large amount of people together. The Italian ACI Sport has already stopped all the Italian manifestations because of it and the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, which did not wanted to give up- finally decided not to take place.

F1 has already rescheduled – to a not-decided yet date – the Chinese GP, but there are other races that are uncertain. To be clear, the first three of the schedule – for now.

Melbourne Grand Prix was already at risk in January with the great fires and now it is for Coronavirus and so are Bahrein and the new entry, the Vietnamese GP.

Nevertheless, these are not the only insecurities. There is Liberty Media and the FIA too. With Charlie Whiting’s departure, it seems that all the commission’s authority disappeared with him.

Why does Racing Point look so alike to Mercedes? It looks like there is something to check.

We are talking non-stop about the new regulations, but what about the 2020 ones? The Federation has too many grey areas and it seems like it is unable to clear them all up.

Let’s just think about the DAS steering wheel. It is considered legal but it is completely out of control for now and it is so far from what we are used to call regular.

We don’t know and cannot foresee how the 2020 will be and if the whole year is going to flow like it should.

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