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FIA, Ferrari, Mercedes, Wolff: what’s lying under the curtain?

After the press release from the International Federation concluding the engines’ war, some scenarios are emerging. Technical loopholes and thirst for power the causes

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FIA, Ferrari, Mercedes, Wolff: what’s lying under the curtain?
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It seems that in F1 truth is always lying under cover from the lights of public communication: a snake making its way through suspects, rumours and connections.

Truth lies in the middle. Let’s see the apexes to better understand what the middle could bring.

Toto Wolff is on the warpath against Ferrari, as he encouraged all F1 teams to demand clarity over Ferrari supposedly illegal 2019 engine

Italian’s paddock veteran Giorgio Terruzzi points out some hypothesis in a Corriere della Sera piece. First: after three months after the end of the 2019 championship the federal technicians have not been able to find any irregularity on Cavallino’s PU; journalist reports a voice from a top team:

To understand, look outside the FIA

The comment would freeze any fan: 13 years have passed after the Spy Story where Nigel Stephney made copies of Ferrari secrets for McLaren’s Mike Coughlan. Is a spy making profits at the bottom of Maranello hills? A technical figure who knows where the extra power advantage of the red cars is located and that has passed such information to the ruling body. Not enough for a disqualification, but enough for forcing a ban of such advantages.

Mercedes was supposed to burn oil. Ferrari was supposed to achieve more power playing with the fuel.

I hear repeated that the Racing Point is identical to the Mercedes of 2019

 - says a person close to Lawrence Stroll -

but until a file transferred from one team to another turns up, we are at zero

Not a single evidence has been found. On both 3 points. And all around pertains the hunger for power: it’s more than acknowledged that Toto Wolff aims the position of chief at Liberty Media premises: but the veto posed from the Scuderia on any Team Principal in search of such career stopped his plans. F1 needs no more gangs damaging its image. Stop the war outside track. Ignite the battle on wheels.

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