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Ross Brawn: "If a team cannot enter a country (due to coronavirus), we could not hold that race"

The coronavirus continues to expand and Formula 1 is trying to take preventive actions so that the number of infections does not increase, however, if a team is not allowed to enter a country due to this virus, it is most likely that the Formula 1 cannot race that GP.

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Ross Brawn: "If a team cannot enter a country (due to coronavirus), we could not hold that race"
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The coronavirus has been affecting the world, not only on the tourism side, but has also entered the economic and sports. In this case, the virus that was originated in China has caused many soccer matches to be played behind closed doors and, in the world of motor racing, has caused the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix to be postponed (it is not yet known the date on which it will take place) and also the MotoGP Qatar Grand Prix was definitively cancelled due to the possible spread of the virus. Another event that has been affected were the 2021 Pirelli tires tests with Ferrari, which were to be carried out at the Fiorano, Italy circuit, before they were postponed.

Safety and hygiene measures have been present in the Formula 1 universe. An example of these measures has been the mandatory quarantine periods in Vietnam to all the people that their country of origin is Italy, since that country has been one of the most affected by the epidemic, with more than 50 deaths and more than 2000 confirmed cases. If these measures continue and the virus continues to spread, Ferrari, Alpha Tauri, Brembo and Pirelli would be the most affected, since their factories are in Italy. With all this said, will there be any possibility that a team does not participate in a Grand Prix because the country denied their entrance?

“If a team cannot enter a country, we could not have that race. It would not be a Formula 1 world championship race, since it would be unfair. Obviously, if a team makes its own decision not to go to a race, that would be their decision. But when a team cannot go to a GP due to a decision by the country, it would be difficult to have fair competition. ” Ross Brawn commented to the media "Reuters" in an exclusive interview for that medium.

Recall that the 2020 Formula 1 season will begin on March 13, 14 and 15, with the Bahrain Grand Prix a week later. In Australia they have already confirmed that, yes or yes, the inaugural Grand Prix will be held, because there are not too many cases. However, the second round of 2020 (Bahrain) is being targeted, since there are considerable cases and it may have to be postponed. This GP is one of the best of the season, in terms of off-track show. Normally, the organizers bring renowned artists (this year the world pop star Khalid will go) so that the spectators stay with the atmosphere to the top, and what better than to combine it with the highest category of motor racing. If something happens with this GP, it is most likely that it will be reported in the next few days since it is not long before the date arrives.

“They want [the organizers] the race to take place, but they must also protect their population. So, we are seeing what solutions we can find to make sure everyone is comfortable with the arrangements. There are many things that are happening right now, and this changes day by day. It's hard to be definitive now, but we are going to find solutions.” The sports director of Formula 1 commented.

Hopefully this problem does not increase its intensity (even more). Formula 1 needs all its teams to be able to make a Grand Prix weekend, but it is not necessary to risk the health of the team members and the spectators.

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