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Sebastian Vettel analyses Mercedes: "They are more at ease than ever"

The German driver analyses Mercedes’ performances and regards them as incredibly consistent.

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Sebastian Vettel analyses Mercedes: "They are more at ease than ever"
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Do you remember the animated series “Tooned” by McLaren, with the Professor that was used to say at the end of every episode “Oh, dear, it happened again”? This would look like an accurate way to describe ironically an important situation, the shaping of the new Formula 1 Championship.

The teams took part in the pre-seasonal testing and Mercedes looked like it was stronger than ever.

The Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel was almost shocked by the simplicity with which Mercedes took the lead after the winter break.https://motorlat.com/notas/f1/14806/fia-ferrari-mercedes-wolff-whats-lying-under-the-curtain#.Xl9Qtx8OnVo.

“They look even more at ease with their 2020 car- the German warns – It is quite obvious they are the team to beat this year as well.”

The situation that is lining up during the testing is just the same that have occurred during the last ones, Mercedes is strong, consistent. The Silver Arrow in fact did not relax during the winter break just because they were dominant during the last seasons, they kept working hard to increase the qualities of their car to be perfect.

The key is their consistency. “Usually people look at the first lapVettel says – but there is more than that. Mercedes is strong and consistent during almost every lap they took part in.”

On the other hand, Ferrari seems to experience a lack of confidence, with discontinuous performances that went from great ones to disastrous ones.

Sebastian Vettel is one of the most technical drivers of the Circus. In fact, the same Charles Leclerc have said that he was learning from the detailed way the German is used to analyse every data, even the smallest part of the analysis of both cars and performances, and he was frank while talking about the Prancing Horse’s situation for the 2020 season.

“Ferrari is not in a bad situation but we have to improve a lot. Testing is to experiment different updates, some have worked just fine, others didn’t. In Mercedes they did a wonderful job with their W-11, as always. It’s up to us to fill the gap in Melbourne”.

If the Australian GP will take place as scheduled, we will finally have the chance to watch all the cars’ real paces. Now it is up to the track to do the talk.

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