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Max Verstappen about the Ferrari scandal

The driver, who accused the Italian team of cheating, said the rules should be the same for everyone.

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Max Verstappen about the Ferrari scandal
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In the season 2019 the Red Bull driver Max Verstappen became the one of the "stars" of the Ferrari and FIA scandal. He said the words, which accused the legendary team of violating the rules, and at the same time secured a lifetime ban for driving for Ferrari.

At the press conference of US Grand Prix, where Ferrari failed after finishing on the podium for 13 races in a row, Max hinted the team was forced to stop cheating and play by the rules, which made their results worse.

"You get that when you stop cheating," the Dutchman said.

"It’s now being carefully watched, but we have to keep an eye on it."

Without exaggeration, it was a very "loud" statement, and the response from Ferrari was immediate.

"Max is 22 years old, so why give him credibility when we are Ferrari? Sometimes silence is more powerful," Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri commented Verstappen’s words.

"A driver who accuses Ferrari of cheating cannot think of being with us."

Now, when the scandal is gaining a second wave, the driver spoke quite restrained, but noted that the rules should be the same for all participants in the championship.

"This question, of course, is better addressed to the team. But I believe that in any sport, the rules should be the same for everyone," Max told Sky Sports.

Also the Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko said Red Bull could file a lawsuit and sue Ferrari for $24 million in prize money for second place in the Constructors’ Cup at the end of 2019.

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