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Norris: “There is no area where we are as competitive as Mercedes“

Despite reckoning the improvements from the last year, Lando Norris admitted that the new MCL35 is far behind Mercedes.

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Norris: “There is no area where we are as competitive as Mercedes“
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Following the two test sessions in Barcelona, Lando Norris analysed the new McLaren’s performance. The McLaren’s talent claimed that the evaluation depends on what he compares the MCL35 to. Indeed, Norris reckoned that the new car is undoubtedly a step ahead in comparison to the MCL34, while admitting that Mercedes is better than McLaren in every area. The British driver added that he is happy overall. Despite that, he underlined that certain areas have not improved as much as he expected.

"I'm happy with some areas and how it's improved compared to last year in some areas.

"Some areas it's not moved on as much as what I would have liked. Areas it's not good at compared to Mercedes - [they] are the fastest - probably everything.

"I don't think there's any area where we're as competitive as Mercedes. [If I could] be harsh, I could say it's not good enough in any area, but in terms of progress, which is not easy to do in Formula 1, I'm happy. Obviously I'm not going to say the areas.

Norris continued pointing out that the MCL35 is easier to drive than the precedent McLaren.

"The car is just a bit nicer to drive. It's less on edgeless peaky, let's say. It's a bit more stable and consistent.

"I'm still pushing - the limit still moves up, and I'm driving on that limit so the car is still a lot of sliding and moving around a so on.

"But the main thing is, and an easy way to say, it's just more consistent and nicer to drive."

Lando concluded, stating that he was not able to push as much as he could, as there was a lot of wind during the days he tested the car. Nevertheless, Norris claimed that he is satisfied with how the team is working and with the understanding of the car.

"Because of all the things like the wind [which was strong during the days Norris drove at the second test], it's been very hard to get a good feeling of what the car is like.

"But I'm happy - I think we have an understanding at least of what the car is good at and what it's not good at. And those areas that we have to work I think it's very clear.

"So it's not easy and clear just to [say] how different those things [are] going to Australia.

"But we know those areas, which is a good thing - it's not like how or why. I think we understand that.

"As a driver, and comparing myself to this time last year, I'm a lot more confident and I feel a lot better.

"And that's a good thing - it makes me feel [like] I'm in a much better position because of that going to Australia."

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