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Baku likely to host the season opener, postponed races to be rescheduled in August

As the Australian GP was called off, the FIA is planning a different schedule.

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Baku likely to host the season opener, postponed races to be rescheduled in August
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A new schedule may save the 2020 season of Formula 1.

The pandemic spread of the Coronavirus is really taking the whole world to the edge. It seems that freezing any social occasion is the only way to stop it and the sport is doing exactly this.

In Formula 1 the Australian GP has been called off after that a McLaren’s member was found positive to Coronavirus. It means that the whole team is in danger, like all the people who have had some kind of contact with McLaren, hence the whole paddock.https://motorlat.com/notas/f1/14911/new-updates-and-precautions-on-the-mclaren-situation#.XmthMY-cZb4.

Many teams, meanwhile, have already decided to not take part at the Bahrain Grand Prix even if the event would take place without the fans.

Such a decision is really painful to accept but it looks like the wisest, even if it will bring some important consequences.

In fact, every team has to upgrade its car during the season, each one in a different time, precisely planned during the making of the project. Alfa Romeo, for example, have planned its greatest upgrade during the Chinese GP while Renault had decided to upgrade its own car during the Dutch one… both of the races probably won’t happen, this year.

The teams really need to keep improving on their car, they cannot simply go on the track, and race with what is still a project: they need to adjust the aero dynamical side of cars, fulfil stages and for a date is highly uncertain.

The teams agreed that the first realistic target could be the Azerbaijan GP on June 7. The plan is to simply postpone everything and racing during the four-week summer break in August, in order to try their cars without putting anyone’s health at risk.

“If this plan will be approved, we will shut down the factory for two weeks in April- Racing Point’s team manager Andy Stevenson explains – so we can simply go on with the normal plan in August as well.”

The “summer season” may seem like a good solution that will bring some difficulties too.

“We can easily use that four-week gap to move there Spain and Holland. But what about the overseas races? - points out Zehnder.

Even if confusion reigns over us all, this plan seems to be the only one that could really work to let the 2020 cars race. The FIA could now focus on how to fix the incongruences and we will have to hope that it will work out. Right now, though, uncertainty is the only one to race on the track.

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