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Box, box, box: Ferrari will close down for 2 weeks

Both plants of Modena and Maranello will be off for 15 days due to the Coronavirus countermeasures

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Box, box, box: Ferrari will close down for 2 weeks
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The Scuderia will keep the horse inside the stable: no prancing for (at least) two weeks.

As a result of the spread of the pandemic virus Covid-19 in the Italian peninsula, the Red team is now forced of closing the garages and factory plants for the time ruled by the Government.

Moreover, the supply chain of raw materials was already not enough to cover the production: so, every department will be off duty for the period. It's vital, standing to the medical experts, lowering the concentration of people at the maximum possible.

To race or not to race in Australia? Initially the results were tied, but eventually a phone call to Toto Wolff changed the game

In fact, only strategic personnel will be deployed in order to secure the minimum maintenance to the machinery, especially the owens of the foundry.

The stop comes when the season is well behind to initiate: will this further time available an opportunity of deeper analysis of the pre-season testing data?

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