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1800 Pirelli tyres scrapped due to the cancellation of the Australian GP

The coronavirus caused the cancellation of the 2020 Australian Grand Prix and all of the Pirelli tyres that would have been used will be sent to Oxfordshire to use them as fuel.

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1800 Pirelli tyres scrapped due to the cancellation of the Australian GP
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After the polemic cancellation of the 2020 Australian Grand Prix, every team members, drivers, organization and fans needed to go back to their houses after being informed that there will no longer be the Formula One race that they had been waiting for so long. This cancellation was very polemic, as neither the FIA nor Formula 1 said something about it for a long time. The teams were informed that the Australian GP will be held in this weekend so, the 10 teams travelled to Australia with their cars, crew and drivers. During the first media day of the season (Thursday 12), a McLaren team member was confirmed as a coronavirus victim. This rang a big alarm in the F1 Paddock, as Ross Brawn told that if there was a single case of this virus, the race would be cancelled immediately. Everyone was waiting for any kind of statement referring to the possible cancellation, but anything was published until the next morning. There were a lot of fans in the entry of the circuit, but they were informed that the Formula 1 2020 Australian Grand Prix was cancelled. A lot of people think that the decision was very late and if F1 had announced it a little bit earlier, fans would not have travelled and neither F1 teams. In today’s piece we will talk about one consequence that brought the (now cancelled) Australian GP.

Pirelli is an Italian brand which is the official supplier of tyres to every Formula 1 team. Pirelli has its factory in Italy but there were no problems in travelling all the tyre sets to the Albert Park Circuit. They travelled a total of 1800 tyres, every team has 26 sets, so a driver has 13 sets of his choice. But what is going to happen with these tyres now that the event has been cancelled? Well, they cannot be reused as a tyre, since in the process they are subjected to forces that cause them to lose their fundamental properties and it would not be safe to reuse them. All of the 1800 tyres will be sent to a cement factory in Oxfordshire and they will be used as fuel.

The teams have already chosen their 26 sets for the Bahrain and Vietnam races and Pirelli has already sent all of their tyres to these two circuits. Since they have not been cancelled, but postponed, Pirelli will keep the tyres there and if these two Grand Prix are raced in another date, they will use them.

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