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Red Bull was set to protest against Mercedes’ DAS system in Australia

Red Bull had already presented one protest against Mercedes' rear brake ducts and they were going to present another one if they had used their new DAS system.

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Red Bull was set to protest against Mercedes’ DAS system in Australia
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Red Bull is known as a very strict team in terms of technical stuff. For example, we saw Red Bull protesting against Mercedes’ rear brake ducts. Consequently, Mercedes and Racing Point needed to change them before the Australian Grand Prix started, this was no longer an issue because of its cancellation but they will need to change them before the season gets started or they will get a fine for illegal parts in their cars. The Racing Point has been very polemic. The RP20 is a very similar copy of the Mercedes W10 from last year. It is worth to say that it was the World Champion of that year so it could be a very fast car. Anyway, before the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled, Red Bull was already preparing another protest against Mercedes’ DAS system.

Let’s remember that the DAS system (Dual-Axis Steering) was the polemic point of preseason testing. It was an innovative system from the German team and there were a lot of talks of whether it is legal or not. In the preview of the Australian Grand Prix, Mercedes said that they were planning to use their DAS system in that weekend. The technical rules say that it is legal if the driver do not press a button to activate it. In some images, Lewis seem to press a button but in others don’t. For Red Bull, the innovative system from Mercedes doesn’t fit with the rules.

“For us, the [DAS] system does not comply with the rules. So, we will protest when Mercedes uses the system in Melbourne.” Helmut Marko told “F1-insider.com”.

This protest would have been the second from Red Bull in one week, the first was the one of the rear brake ducts that we have already said. But the Austrian team wasn’t the only one that introduced protests against other teams. According to F1-insider, Renault would have protested against Racing Point for all the similarities that their RP20 has with the Mercedes W10. The Racing Point was even called “the pink Mercedes”. Renault could find revenge against Racing Point because this last team presented a protest during last year’s Japanese Grand Prix, which lent to a Renault disqualification from the event. In conclusion, when the 2020 Formula 1 season starts and Mercedes still uses its DAS system, it is very likely that Red Bull will present their protest to the FIA against the Germans, unless that Red Bull find out in their research that it is legal.

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