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Ferrari donates 10 million euros in support of the Coronavirus crisis

The Agnelli family helps to face this emergency by donating € 10 mln.

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Ferrari donates 10 million euros in support of the Coronavirus crisis
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https://motorlat.com/notas/f1/14957/update-and-apology-statement-from-f1-ceo-chase-carey#.XnHUzJevoZ4.If everyone would do what he can to help a global problem, the world would have been a better place. During this uncertain and difficult time, we are finding our humanity and our need to be together.

Ferrari is helping a lot to face the desperate fight against an invisible enemy, the Covid-19. The Agnelli family, in fact, donated 10 millions euros to support all those parts that need a fast improvement that is very needed during these days.

Ferrari tweeted it describing how the Agnelli family donated this amount of money to the Civil Protection Department.

In Italy the situation is collapsing. Even if the medical system is one of the best of the world, with a politics that allows to anyone to be assisted, there are some “holes” that are cracking down and getting bigger with all these people in need to be healed. For example, the most important part of the medical staff and hospitals is situated in Lombardy and this means that in a similar situation, if you get sick in Southern Italy your chances to heal are lower than if you do in Milan. But during a pandemics everyone should help and provide everything that could be needed.

The amount of money that the Agnelli provided will be used to buy more medical equipment, like swabs to test the Coronavirus, new structures, new medicines and it will be really very helpful to win this world race against the virus.

As we said, if everybody could help and do what he can, this horrible pandemic would be over in a few and we could be ready to breathe again and to race again, like we were used to.

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