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Will F1 be towed away from the hard shoulder?

As it's going to be the first ever time that the championship face such an unpredictable season's opening, some points are clear

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Will F1 be towed away from the hard shoulder?
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Amomg the uncertainty on the first race of the year, some points could be given for granted. Let's get deeper.

What the shutdown means to F1

The usual shutdown meant to be usually in August, is now forcing the teams to be off duty in the early months of the year: in this period squads should be well ahead of the revision of the early results coming from the 2 opening rounds. Instead, apart from the benefits of costs reduction in this period, teams are now changing their development plans; as they were already compressed for the upcoming 2021 changing rules, now they are ahead of a even more short calendar.

A racing 2020? Maybe, maybe not

The chance of not see even a single Grand Prix from now to December, is said to be one of the possibilities that could may happen. On the other hand, a late start of the season could allow a trepassing to the following year, forcing the 2021 campaign a different time of the year for its inception. As noted from BBC Sport, all the Circus will rely massively on the logistic operations: Bahrain could be postponed just before Abu Dhabi (the UAE race has to close the championship by agreement), with Vietnam also benefitting of the two weeks slot.

Max Verstappen made clear early on he would not be a part of F1's inaugural event - was that the right decision?

Races likely to be cancelled

Some events more than others could be subjected to cancellation: fees paid to Liberty Media are different among circuits and so their chances to be held. After that Monaco decided to cancel the event, being a street circuit almost impossible to reschedule again, also Spain and Bahrain too are likely to be thrown away: the first is reknown to pay the lowest fare to F1; while the latter is confident for having a possibility ahead in the future for the eventual postponing. Brazil too, having a free-pay agreement, is on the edge.

A question of money

The financial impact will be, at least, significant: the 2 revenues channels that allow F1 the highest flow of reveues are race-hosting fees and broadcast rights. Being the races not held and the media coverage absent, the economic loss is widely explained. Moreover, TV contracts are written of a minimum of 16 races for paying the rights to the owner: one of the main reason for postponing and not cancelling races is behind this fact. Anyway, sustainability is not under threat: the payment will reduce, not disappear, if the 16 races cap cannot be fulfilled. The problems will affect the little teams as the year's prize is based on the TV rights: they won't be able to entirely recover the loss as the big brothers.

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