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Canadian GP hanging between realism and optimism

The promoter of the Grand Prox remains positive on the original date of the Canadian race

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Canadian GP hanging between realism and optimism
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The Coronavirus pandemic is casting a shadow on uncertainty above all the 2020 Formula 1 season.

A large number of Grands Prix have already been postponed: we have Australia, Baku, China, Vietnam, Spain, Netherlands and who knows which one could be the next.

The promoter of the Canadian GP, Francois Dumontier, though, keeps the faith. He, in fact, tries his best to be realistic and in the meantime, he maintains a certain tone of positivity.

“We have a quite decent amount of time to decide, yet- he declares- so I really hope we can make it until the half of June to set this pandemics off and do the race in the original date. On the other hand, we have to be realistic. I am keeping in contact with the FIA and F1 almost daily to update about the current situation”.

The event is scheduled on June 14th and it is still there for now. The problem is that the city needs at least three months to prepare itself to host a city track, which is why Monaco has been cancelled. In Quebec, at the moment, they are stuck with the works on the circuit, as the Canadian Government shut off the not-necessary activities until April13th.

“My team is working from home – Dumontier says- we still have two or three weeks to see how the situation turns like. We will take the decision of Easter, I guess.”

If Dumontier’s optimism will work, the Canadian GP will host the first GP of the season. If the situation doesn’t change, on the other hand, Quebec will have to face other works and “stay in line” with all the other postponed races, being held not before the half of October. Let’s cross our fingers and just keep a positive vibe like the Canadian promoter, hoping that some warmth will come and slay away this awful virus.

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