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Bernie Ecclestone: “I see Toto Wolff joining Lawrence Stroll at Aston Martin”

Ecclestone believes that Toto Wolff will soon leave Mercedes to move to Aston Martin.

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Bernie Ecclestone: “I see Toto Wolff joining Lawrence Stroll at Aston Martin”
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There have been recent rumours stating that Toto Wolff’s days at Mercedes are numbered, as the Austrian manager is about to join Aston Martin.

The brand will officially appear in the Formula 1 grid in the 2021 season, following entrance as a major shareholder by Lawrence Stroll, who announced that Racing Point will be rebranded as Aston Martin.

Talking about the changes in its team, Stroll did not mention Toto Wolff. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that Wolff might move from Mercedes to Aston Martin in the short term.

Bernie Ecclestone strongly believes that Toto can join Lawrence Stroll. The former Formula 1 boss claims that Stroll has obtained the control of Astron Martin and he is building a strong team around him, creating the ideal context for Toto Wolff as a potential chief executive.

“Lawrence has some people with him and the group has bought control of the company, and I suppose Toto could jump in there as chief executive.

“It might work.”

However, Ecclestone does not specify whether Wolff would join only the car company or be part of the Formula 1 team.

The latter missed last week a meeting with Liberty Media, and its potential leave from Mercedes poses different questions about the future of Lewis Hamilton with the German team. Indeed, the six-time Formula 1 champion, has affirmed different times that he will stay with Mercedes as long as Wolff continues to lead the team.



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