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Sebastian Vettel answers his fans’ questions: “Everything happened for a reason"

The four-time world champion answered some questions from the fans in a video released today by Scuderia Ferrari.

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Sebastian Vettel answers his fans’ questions: “Everything happened for a reason"
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Ferrari promised it and Ferrari gave it to us. 

The italian team asked his fans to submit some questions to his four time world champion driver Sebastian Vettel

During this hard time that the whole world is facing, this is a good way to keep the fans excited while there is, unfortunately, no action on track. 

The German, then, with a hand-written piece of paper, sat in front of the camera in his house and answered some of the fans questions in a 5-minute video released today on Ferrari's accounts, as Sebastian has no official channels on any social media. 


Hi Guys! Here are Seb’s answers to your questions 📝 😊 #essereFerrari 🔴

Publicado por Scuderia Ferrari en Sábado, 28 de marzo de 2020

Sebastian spent some time to talk about his fans, the gifts that they also give him during races around the world:

"I appreciate that poeple thought of me, especially when they take the effort to write something and I can see they thought of making me smile. I like receiving them and reading messages at the track. It's a nice gesture knowing that somebody has thought of you and some are very very inspiring, so thank you for all of those."

Sebastian asnwered some questions about his vintage motorcycle (which he still hasn't restored), his passion for helmet designs and also had some words for all his fans during this hard time, asking everyone to take this horrible situation seriously and be responsible, to stay safe and protect each other. 

Another question was really interesting, as a fan asked Sebastian if he would pursue a career as an engineer once he retires from Formula 1 as a driver. 

The German, then, revealed he thought about studying mechanical engineering before starting his career in motor racing: "it's something I would love to do, there's something that's fascinating me to know and understand how things work. Definetely, I like to understand the stuff happening in our car, developing and how it comes together, so this might be something for the future."

But the most interesting answer that Sebastian gave was about giving advices to the younger Seb, if he had the chance to meet him. 

"I woudn't like to give any advice, I think that everything that happened, happened for a reason. Obviously I'm very lucky and fortunate for having had the career like the one I had so far and I don't think I'd be interested in any shortcuts. Even if there were difficult times, you always have the ability to come out stronger." 

And Sebastian has learned a lot during his career: from his breakthrough win in Monza, 2008, driving a Toro Rosso, to 4 consecutive world titles with Red Bull, to the adventure in the team of the myth, Ferrari. 


A journey which hasn't been that lucky, since Sebastian is at his sixth (if this will happen, this year) season with the Prancing Horse and still hasn't won a world title wearing red. A lifetime dream that still hasn't been accomplished, but Sebastian seem to have faith in Scuderia Ferrari, even though it seems like the SF1000 is not as competitive as it should be. 

In the meanwhile, Sky Sport F1 Italia dropped the bomb that suggests Ferrari has given Sebastian the chance to extend his contract, which expires at the end of 2020, for another year, but with a salary reduction. The same formula that was used with Kimi Raikkonen, before he switched to Alfa Romeo. 

A new twist, for Vettel's carrer, as Charles Leclerc enstablishes himself as the lead driver of the team. If this is true, can this be a huge plot twist for the silly season? 

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