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Lando Norris tracks a line between real and virtual: “The sim makes me nervous”

The Brit confessed he feels more nervous when he is at the sim rather than in an actual car.

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Lando Norris tracks a line between real and virtual: “The sim makes me nervous”
Fuente imagen: Lando Norris official Twitter account

The line between virtual and real is getting blurred as time passes by. On one hand we can put the blame on progress, because the technology is improving quickly and it is more comfortable and – in some way- more affordable to use than reality. We are getting used to it, we are addicted to our phones: we communicate, we work, we entertain with them.

On the other hand, instead, the Coronavirus pandemics is forcing the whole world to a long and exhausting lockdown, so the only weapon we have to feel “connected” just the same remains virtual reality.

The whole motorsport 2020 season switched from real to virtual. Every driver is now competing online and the most absurd thing of it all, is that we can watch it on streaming as well.

There is something, though, that cannot be emulated by a computer. Adrenaline, the interaction between people and obviously that particular smell that enhances the paddock experience.

Lando Norris is a professional virtual racer. He is taking part at every race in every championship during these days and yet, he has a confession to make.

“I always get more nervous in a simulator rather than I do during qualifying in an actual car”- he confesses.

“Maybe it is for adrenaline. When  you drive in a real car you can feel it running through your spine and you can focus on that so you kind of forget about the nerves. When you drive in a virtual race, on the other hand, you just drive and you do it in a quieter place. You think about a lot more things meanwhile.”- tells Norris.

The young McLaren driver recently won a virtual race organized by Veloce E-Sports, so he has no problems to gather his nerves to help him do well. But we are still waiting for the actual race. We want adrenaline, not just racing.

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