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The official F1 videogame will feature all 22 circuits on the 2020 calendar

Despite the cancellation of the Monaco Grand Prix and the postponements of some other races with no guarantee that they will be raced, the official F1 game of this year will have the 22 tracks that were supposed to host this season’/ races.

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The official F1 videogame will feature all 22 circuits on the 2020 calendar
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The 2020 Formula 1 season has not been a regular season, at all. It was expected to be one of the most interesting seasons of all time, but the outbreak of the Chinese virus called Covid-19 has been an absolute nightmare for Formula 1, F1 fans and to the world in general. A lot of countries are in total lockdown and quarantined, but we are not bored at all. Lando Norris has been the driver that entertain us the most, as he streams racing videogames in Twitch almost every day. One way to get through this lockdown is by playing the official game of Formula 1 and we have great new for all of you that are planning to buy the “F1 2020”.

Codemasters, which is the company that produces this videogame, have announced that, despite that some races have been postponed and Monaco has been definitely cancelled, this year’s F1 videogame will have the 22 circuits that were supposed to be raced. Let’s remember that this season would have been the longest calendar of all time with 22 races and 2 new Grand Prix (Vietnam and the Netherlands) but, with the cancellation of the Monaco Grand Prix, there will be maximum 21 races, just as the calendar from last year.

“We are going to continue with the 22 circuits that were originally part of the calendar.” Commented the director of the F1 franchise with Codemasters, Paul Jeal.

“Whether or not the two new appointments on this year’s calendar are held, Hanoi [Vietnam] and Zandvoort [The Netherlands], Codemasters wats to give its customers the opportunity to race on these two new circuits and on all of the record calendar proposed for this year.” Paul Jeal told to “Race Fans”.

The production of the videogame is going as planned but the coronavirus produced a little problem in Codemasters. The videogame company was planning to announce the details of “F1 2020” very soon, but the lockdown occurred, and all workers needed to go home for their safety.

“The most prudent thing is to see the impact that this is going to have. Some of the teams, for example, are closing now, instead of in August. This is one of the aspects that you must have in mind. Hopefully we will not be delayed a lot of time until we make our announcement.”

The official Formula 1 videogame has been the lifesaver for a lot of people during this quarantine. As Paul Jean said, hopefully there is not a delay in the production of the videogame. A lot of people will be very excited to race in the 2 new circuits, even though there is no guarantee that they will happen in real life.

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