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Ecclestone: “Vettel should stop or look for alternatives for 2021, McLaren could be one”

89 years but still on the verge of the sport he ruled for almost 30 years: Ecclestone spans around the future of Ferrari’s driver.

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Ecclestone: “Vettel should stop or look for alternatives for 2021, McLaren could be one”
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5 years ago, Sebastian Vettel was winning his first Grand Prix for the Cavallino: after Michael Schumacher with 72 and Niki Lauda with 15, his 14 first position make the third most valued driver of Maranello.

That Malaysian win could have been the start of a promising climb to the title: Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes first, some errors made after and in the end new teammate Charles Leclerc, stopped the mission.

Ultimately, the situation has led to renegotiations of the contract’s economic offer: Scuderia, standing to Sky, is keen to extend the relationship after this season but relying to its own terms, rather than Vettel’s ones. This is the cause of the long standing talking between Binotto and Seb: when Team Principal admitted that it would take all the year to come to an agreement, he was underlighting exactly this feature.

Despite the cancellation of the Monaco Grand Prix and the postponements of some other races with no guarantee that they will be raced, the official F1 game of this year will have the 22 tracks that were supposed to host this season’s races

Even Bernie Ecclestone, Mr. E or Mr. F1, the king of the championship for more than 3 decades, wanted to say his opinion on the case at an interview to F1 Insider:

I think that Sebastian’s performance has recently suffered under the Ferrari constellation with new teammate Charles Leclerc, who is also managed by the FIA ​​President’s son. I suspect he doesn’t see Binotto as the supporter he needs in his situation. Sebastian should therefore stop or look for alternatives for 2021. McLaren, then again with Mercedes engines, could be one

Bernie enlarged some words even to Binotto, regarded as not entirely appropriate in the role of squad’s boss:

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto is a very good technician. You can see that from the fact that his engine was brilliant – for whatever reason. But is that why he is a good boss who should lead a team? I don’t think so. He always laughs nicely, regardless of whether the sun is shining or it is raining. Regardless of whether Ferrari wins or loses. That doesn’t exude sovereignty

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