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F1 | Engine development could be stopped to reduce costs

F1 might impose engine development freeze to face the financial disruption caused by the Corona outbreak.

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F1 | Engine development could be stopped to reduce costs
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The Corona pandemic is having a significant impact over the entire Formula 1 world. Indeed, Formula 1 teams have stopped their current operations and are facing the financial burden of stopping their business.

Authorities and Formula 1 teams are undertaking currently the discussions to find out a solution to sustain economically the business, trying to find out measures that could allow the teams to survive in spite of the ongoing difficulties.

Cost-saving measures are debated, and FIA and the F1 chiefs have already agreed upon delaying the 2021 regulations to 2022 and using the current cars also in the next season.

In addition, other measures are taken into consideration such as reducing the budget cap by $25 million or more from the current $175 million. Nevertheless, the solution seems to be effective only the three top teams who run on the highest budgets.

Another option is posing a limit on engine development and utilise the current power units for a number of years. The possibility would affect the entire Formula 1 grid since it would reduce Research and Development costs as well as have decreased, potentially, the bills that are paid by consumer teams.

As the discussions take place, new possibilities could emerge in the lights of the need to reduce costs in Formula 1. Formula 1 teams are showing a common interest in preserving the grid, accepting measures that imply lower investments.

In fact, Ferrari accepted to procrastinate the introduction of the new rules, whereas Mercedes approved the decision to ban the DAS technology for the 2021 season.

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