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Is Toto Wolff and Mercedes’ relationship cracking up?

Rumours has it there are some cracks between Mercedes and its team principal

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Is Toto Wolff and Mercedes’ relationship cracking up?
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Relationships do change continuously, we all know that, but sometimes it would be wise to keep in mind that work is a relationship too. At the end of the day, even the best team could be asking too much to a person or taking home for granted. And that person could decide to leave as well.


This is the situation that is likely to be happening between the first team of the grid- Mercedes, of course- and its team principal, Toto Wolff.

Stroll Senior just took an important brand like Aston Martin away from Red Bull. Is he taking away the Mercedes’ boss as well?

Some are talking about some cracks in what it seemed to be the perfect and winning relationship. Mercedes would not be the best without Wolff’s confident lead and the Austrian would not be that famous if he would not have such a great team at his words. What scenario is taking shape under our eyes?

Rumour has it , Stroll senior is trying to bring the Austrian to his brand new team. The situation in the Mercedes’ paddock appears to be delicate.

“I have heard that there is a tension between Mercedes and Toto Wolff- revealed the former F1 driver Christijan AlbersI know about a crack that engages not only the Mercedes but also its parent company, Daimler”.

Asked about the voices that saw him already with the new born Aston Martin, Toto Wolff denied everything, though.

My focus is Mercedes – Daimler and nothing else- he declared – I am working with them and my goal is to do a good job.”

Only time will tell us which one of these different visions is the real one.

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