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China, the action restarts in June at the Shanghai International Circuit

The Chinese circuit reopens, with the first racing action set for June 

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China, the action restarts in June at the Shanghai International Circuit
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When the Coronavirus emergency exploded in China, no one on earth would've even imagined that it would've become a pandemic. 

The virus is killing thousands of people all around the world, and the consequences can be seen in every area of our lives, sport included. 

Formula 1 suffered first the consequences of this emergency when, in mid February, the Chinese Grand Prix has been post-poned, due to the situation in the Hubei region. 

Currently, the entire Formula 1 calendar is still uncertain as the emergency is now worldwide; a lot of races have been post-poned and the calendar of the championship is yet to be confirmed, as it's unknown when it will be possible to travel and where. A lot of ideas have surfaced, as the chance to finish the 2020 season in the early months of 2021. At the same time, the FIA has post-poned the 2021 regulations changes to 2022, plus other regulatory decisions.

The first light in the storm is then represented by the Shanghai International Circuit, which is set to reopen in June with the first racing action. China, after the emergency which has killed over 3300 people due to COVID-19, is slowly coming back to life. 

The nation's "recovery" is obviously slow, as it will be in the other nations when it will all end, but the essentials activity are coming back to normal life, and so is the Shanghai circuit. The website The Race report that a Porsche corporate event was held earlier in the week, though the attendance was limited and no members of the public were allowed in.

The next racing action, the Chinese GT Championship, is set to take place, on the Shanghai circuit, on June 26,though the contract hasn't been signed off yet. 

As said before, it is still uncertain how the F1 championship will be scheduled, how many races there will be, where and when they will take place; with the circuit reopening, the Chinese GP will likely happen, as it has been on the F1 calendar since 2004. 

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