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Dutch GP Boss wants speculations about 2020 season to stop

The boss of Dutch GP Jan Lammers says that the media should speculating about the 2020 season until theres more clarity about the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Dutch GP Boss wants speculations about 2020 season to stop
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The Dutch GP Boss Jan Lammers expressed that media should stop speculating about the future of F1, due to the more urgent factors that have to do with the COVID-19 crisis. In March the Dutch GP has been officially postponed, due to the severe outbreak of the disease in the Netherlands as well as cancellations and postponements of other GP’s in the calendar. If that would not be the case, the organisers would be already in full activity before the GP would take place in the beginning of May. Because of the situation, they decided to limit official communications and stop any of their operations, as Lammers insist “the focus should be on where it belongs”. In a recent interview with a Dutch website, Lammers said: "We actually want to stop reporting until there is more clarity.” 

He added: "From an ethical point of view, we actually want to set an example, just take a moment to replace it. We need to leave the media's attention to more socially important subjects, to issues that everyone has to deal with. This goes much further than a motorsport event. We’re just getting set up, to take even one percent of the victim's role is inappropriate.”


With the COVID-19 outbreak causing lockdowns in many countries around the globe and having a severe impact on their populations, Lammers questions if it would be ethical to resume back to “regular schedule”. With over 19.580 people being tested positive as of 7th April in the Netherlands itself for COVID-19, the former Grand Prix driver asks if starting again in August would not be too soon.

As he said: “You have to ask yourself if August is not too early, because then you would assume that this virus will be out of the world in June or July. And then you have to ask yourself whether it would be appropriate to celebrate while half of Europe is traumatized. The ethical, human and moral aspect now takes precedence."

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