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Zak Brown: "There are two teams that are playing with fire"

Zak Brown has commented that there are some teams that are playing with fire while this financial crisis is happening, and therefore, there could be less teams in F1 for the next year.

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Zak Brown: "There are two teams that are playing with fire"
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Since the appearance of the Covid-19, with the health and economic crisis that it brought with it, Formula 1 has looked for alternatives to cope with this problematic that the world it going through, seeking from accommodating the races, to stretching the season, but the most conflictive point to be dealt with by the teams is the budget cap.

In the first instance, a reduction of $ 175 million to $ 150 million was reached by the year 2021. During the videoconference meeting of the team leaders that took place this Monday, a new reduction of $ 125 million was reached. Zak Brown commented that unless a change is made, several teams in the category could leave the category.

"Without 10 teams or at least nine teams, you really don't have F1, a couple of teams should be very careful, because I think they are playing with fire, so to speak. It takes a full grid to have a sport, so if they continue to have the unsustainable sport and a couple of [smaller] teams lose interest, or financially they can't participate anymore, they're going to compete against themselves and that's not going to work ". Commented the CEO of McLaren

Formula 1 is known as a very expensive sport, as the cars that compete in the category are the fastest cars in the world. They have technologies that make the car a tenth of a second faster. So, if a team does not have the financial support that is required to be in the pinnacle of motorsport, it is very likely that they will no longer be in the F1 grid.

“It’s a huge marketing platform for those two teams, so I understand why they want to keep the fiscal balance where it is now. But in sport you kind of want to think that everyone can fight fairly and may the best team win.”

"I think they need to have confidence. It's like a heavyweight who only wants to fight middleweights. These are great teams, they should be prepared to fight everyone on more equal terms, and I think that's what fans want in the sport.” Commented Zak Brown in an interview with Motorsport.com

Zak speaks referring to two of the most engaging and interesting races that the 2019 season had, such as the German, Brazilian and Baku GPs. Where different alternatives, produced that all the teams had the opportunity to be close to the points and the podium. Let’s remember that the only point that was achieved by Williams was scored during the German GP with a 10th place by Robert Kubica.

“If you look at the three most exciting races that we’ve had in some time, it was Germany, it was Baku and it was Brazil, there was kind of bad weather and crashing and Safety Cars, and we shouldn’t have to rely exclusively on that to have an unpredictable race. It should be that one of the teams that isn’t an ‘A’ team can have a better strategy or catch the SC at the right time and capitalise on someone having a bad pit stop.”

As Zak said, Formula 1 could not be Formula 1 if 2 teams aren’t able to be in the category. You must have a full grid to race and to have more entertaining races, just like Germany and Brazil. We hope that the crisis made by the coronavirus does not affect even more the teams that are not in a great financial position.

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