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Todt: “Fans will be reluctant to attend races when this emergency is over”

The FIA President talks about the possible racing schedule and the reaction of fans and GP hosts after the Coronavirus crisis.

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Todt: “Fans will be reluctant to attend races when this emergency is over”
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The Coronavirus pandemics caused nine Grands Prix to be cancelled or postponed and it seems very likely that there may be more events to be re-scheduled. Sadly, in this occasion it is impossible to foresee and plan a date to start planning the whole season all over again.

The FIA President Jean Todt, though, does not think that once that the Coronavirus pandemics will be over it will be this easy to return as we were.

“Once that we can race again we will have to face fans' reluctance and maybe some Grands Prix’ hosts as well- he said- a Grand Prix is a celebration and even if it will be possible to start the season, it is possible enough that the organisations will not feel in the mood of hosting a race again. I think that it is the same thing for the fans: would you feel safe in attending a F1 race, an event, a dinner in a restaurant again?”

He talked about another interrogative: the new racing schedule.

Todt calculated it would be possible to organize a season made of 15 up to 18 Grands Prix.

“I think that F1 can host three events per month. If we would be able to start in July / August until December, we would have from five to six months and if you do that number per three, you would get the same result.”- the Frenchman declares.


Now we have to see if it would really be possible to start again in July and watch the season taking finally shape and if it will turns into reality.


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