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Everything you need to know about the official F1 videogame, F1 2020

All the new characteristics that the F1 2020 will feature, such as launch date and platforms, are summarized in this article.

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Everything you need to know about the official F1 videogame, F1 2020
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The 2020 Formula 1 season continues without an assured start. It was expected that the first appointment of the year would finally take place in Canada, but it was postponed due to the virus of Chinese origin called Covid-19. Now, the hopes rest on the French Grand Prix, at the Paul Ricard circuit, this race would take place on the weekend of June 26-28 of this year. There have been many rumours that both the French GP and the British GP suggest that they will also be postponed. Too bad this is all happening, but it's not all bad news. Today, the trailer for this year's official video game of the highest motorsport category, that is, the "F1 2020" developed by the Codemasters company, has been presented.

For many of us, the video game "F1 2019" has been our partner in this lock down. This game was released on June 25th of last year and had great improvements compared to the one of 2018, of which some improved its rating. In F1 2019 you can create your own design for your car, so that when you played in multiplayer mode, your car had your own design, the low category of F1 was also included, that is, Formula 2. One of the biggest problems that was presented in past editions was that in multiplayer mode, some rivals you were facing were extremely aggressive when it came to running, so your race usually ended in a crash thanks to a desperate move from an opponent, taking this in mind, in F1 2019 the “super licenses” were implemented in which your behaviour on track was decisive so that your license is promoted or degraded. Finally, Codemasters released two versions of this game, the normal version and the Deluxe version (which had the cover of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost), in this second one you could race challenges with the cars of either of these two drivers.

In the statement that was made today, the new features of the "F1 2020" were announced. The change that has caught the most attention has been that you can create your own team with the new modality called "My Team", even in the statement is the phrase "Be the eleventh team on the grid in F1 2020." In this new game mode, you must search for your team's sponsors, as well as choose your engine supplier. Another option that will be available in F1 2020 will be the two-player split-screen, something that so many people wanted. Lately, two-player video games on the same console have been very few, but in this year's edition, you'll be able to play with someone else on your same console. In the 2020 edition there will be more options to personalize when it comes to driving style, so if you are one of the people who likes the video game to be extremely real, this option will delight them. As we mentioned, last year, Codemasters also launched the "F1 2019 Ayrton Senna & Alain Prost Deluxe Edition" and this time, Michael Schumacher will be the one that will be in the special edition, which will be called "F1 2020 Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition". In this edition you will be able to drive with 4 of the most emblematic cars that the German drove, these cars are the Jordan 191 of the year 1991, the Benetton B194 of 1994, the Bennetton B195 of 1995 and the Ferrari F1-2000 of the year 2000. If you buy the F1 2020 special edition, you will also receive exclusive content, including special car liveries, special driver designs and a unique podium celebration, plus you'll be able to play the video game 3 days before its official launch. As we already know, F1 2020 will have the 22 circuits that were originally on this season's calendar so you can race on the Hanoi street circuit and the Zandvoort circuit. However, in the career mode there will be three season length options, if you like it to be realistic you can race on the 22 circuits, if you like that your season is not so long but not so short, you can select the option of 16 races and if you like the season to be very fast, you will have the option to race on only 10 circuits.

"F1 2020 promises to be our biggest and most innovative title to date. Our core players will welcome even greater gameplay with the introduction of our brand-new My Team feature, along three customizable season lengths that allow them to choose their favourite tracks. In the year where Lewis Hamilton is going for his seventh title and match the all-time record, we celebrate the greatest driver of all time with our Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition, which we know will be popular with our community.” Said the director of the franchise, Paul Jeal.

As we have seen, the "F1 2020" promises to be one of the biggest motorsport video games, and if you are as excited as we are and plan to buy it, you can already preorder it on the official website of the game (formula1game.com). Finally, F1 2020 will release worldwide on Friday 10th July 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One (including Xbox One X), Windows PC (DVD and via Steam) and, for the first time, Google Stadia.

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