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Silverstone is willing to race without fans

The Silverstone Circuit is willing to race multiple times in the track and behind closed doors.

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Silverstone is willing to race without fans
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We have already seen that, the season that promised to be the longest in the history of Formula 1 with a total of 22 Grand Prix and the entry of two new races (the Dutch Grand Prix at the Zandvoort circuit and the Vietnam Grand Prix at the Hanoi street circuit), will not go down in history for what it promised to be. The virus of Chinese origin called Covid-19 has caused a total of 7 Grand Prix to be postponed so far and two have been cancelled. Formula 1 in conjunction with the FIA ​​are making the decisions that best suit the philosophy of first health of all people involved in the event to be held. The Australian Grand Prix was an exception to the great decisions these two organizations are making, why? The reason for this is because, before the teams travelled to the Albert Park circuit, Ross Brawn commented that if there is a single coronavirus case, either in the paddock or in the stands, the event would be cancelled immediately. The teams travelled and it turns out that the 10 teams and the 20 drivers are already in the country that was going to host the first race and just one day after the action on the track began, a member from McLaren tests positive for covid-19, however, neither the FIA ​​nor F1 make any statement of what was to proceed in the event. The British team (McLaren) was the first to react and decided to withdraw from the GP. On Friday, with fans already waiting in the doors of the circuit to open to enjoy the first day of the GP, the organizers of the event announced the cancellation of the 2020 Australian Grand Prix, but as we already mentioned, the team members, organizing staff , marshalls, fans and drivers had already travelled and had already been exposed to the disease. That was the decision that most annoyed the public. Since that day, the organizers and bosses of the highest motorsport category have decided not to run again until there is no risk.

There has been talk of the possible schedule that the 2020 F1 season will have, however, nothing official has been presented. There have been several rumours, including the possible postponement of the French and Belgian Grand Prix, but there have also been certain statements, like the ones we will talk about in this article, that have made many people's eyes shine.

The director of the Silverstone circuit in Great Britain, Stuart Pringle, has said that they are "totally" open to hosting races behind closed doors. Previously, F1 CEO Chase Carey has said the season is expected to have 15-18 races. Racing behind closed doors is not what the directors of the circuits nor the organizers of the events expected, since, if this happens, many sponsors would lose the interest in participating, in addition of making the refund to all the people who bought their ticket for that event. Another problem that could arise when carrying out closed-door races would be the logistics and tourism of the fans to the country, since F1 has a direct impact on tourism, since it is an international sport that makes people from all over the world attend races in another country than theirs.

"We have discussed all sorts of permutations, including hosting two races over a weekend and two races over consecutive weekends. I have complete confidence in our ability to put on these events. We have a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge, we can turn that on definitely”. Stuart Pringle commented for The Guardian.

“F1 has been working very hard to try and work out what the solution for the world championship is. We have been in regular contact with them and have been asked could we hold a race or two and could they be behind closed doors. The answer is absolutely, we are open to looking into anything and everything. I think F1 will make a calendar-wide decision in the earlier part of May.” Expressed the director of the Silverstone circuit.

 With these statements it is expected that the start date of the 2020 Formula 1 season will be stipulated. We must wait a little longer, but that wait will be beneficial so that no person is affected, either directly or indirectly.

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