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Carlos Sainz: “Cancelling the 2020 season would be a hard blow”

The Spaniard is thinking about a 2020 without F1, calling it “unacceptable but understable" and he worries about workers too.

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Carlos Sainz: “Cancelling the 2020 season would be a hard blow”
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It is some time now that fans and organizers are trying to figure out a plan to go ahead with the 2020 season while fighting the Coronavirus.

Liberty Media and the FIA are unceasingly communication with the various Grands Prix organizers and keeping in touch with sanitarian experts to, in  some ways, foresee what can be of the pandemics in order to define a strategy to race in 2020. It is to say that there is no magician at work and the unique way remains to wait patiently. Between the races. However, patience is all gone and the boys are starting to feel worried about their future. https://motorlat.com/notas/f1/15266/japanese-f1-grand-prix-speculating-the-future#.Xp7BLY_uZo0.

Carlos Sainz is starting to imagine a world in which the Formula 1 World Championship does not exist. He figured out he cannot.

“A 2020 without Formula 1? I’d rather think about fewer races than none- the Spaniard admitted – If the season had to be cancelled it would be a hard blow. I do not know if I could accept it.”

The actual strategy is to hold a somewhat “super season”, made of fewer races – about 15 out of 18 – to be raced continuously, almost in a raw. But is it possible?

“I think that we have to make out the best 2020 season possible- said the McLaren driver – but at the same time we have to start thinking that there is a slight chance that the season could be cancelled. It would be though but completely understandable”.

Another aspect that weights on the shoulders of the driver is the financial crisis that is affecting the teams. He already did his best to help his own team as he reduced his salary but that could not be enough.

“I am worried for the staff. The people who are working in the industry of Formula 1 are in furlough and they could lose their job. Everyone is brilliant and it would be awful”.

By now we have to keep on waiting and hoping that everything will turn out fine in the end, even if we are all exhausted by this pandemics and, above all, by the uncertainty and vulnerability it casted upon us all.

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