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Ferrari post-Interlagos, Charles Leclerc: “I like having Vettel as my teammate”

The Monegasque reveals he is in good terms with Sebastian Vettel and he would be happy to duel against him in virtual races as well.

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Ferrari post-Interlagos, Charles Leclerc: “I like having Vettel as my teammate”
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Formula 1 history is made of duels between teammates. It is natural, spontaneous and almost inevitable. It does not matter how good your car is, you will always compare your results to that other driver who wears your same suit.

However, some relationships are harder than the others are. We have an example in Ferrari, in which there is a contraposition between the young and explosive Charles Leclerc and the 4-times World Champion- just not with Ferrari- Sebastian Vettel. The two have spent the whole 2019 season battling against Mercedes and each other, one to “steal” the first driver position, the other to keep it. Until this situation exploded in Interlagos, causing a clash that have penalised the team. Charles Leclerc tries to explain what happened with simplicity and admitting it may have been a mistake, of course, but it does not affect the relationship he has with Sebastian.

“I have always had a good relationship with Sebastian, to be honest, even if after Interlagos it might not seems like this- Leclerc explained – We are drivers, it can happen that you just want to duel and you cannot control yourself very well. This does not means we are rivals, though”.

Rumours has it, the German just refused a new deal with Ferrari. Would Charles be indifferent about it?


“I would like to continue working at Ferrari with Sebastian- he said- I like having him as my teammate. I would definitely respect his and Ferrari’s decision, whatever it will be. It is my job to adapt to whoever may come in my team without any complains. But let’s just face it. If Sebastian will stay, I will definitely be happy. I would love competing against him in Virtual GPs as well- he confessed. Vettel just bought a sim and have installed into his house, so, while waiting for the real races to start, we may be entertained by their duels on the virtual side.

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