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Vettel looks at his future: could it be with Mercedes?

The German driver has several options to analyse, among whose there are McLaren and Mercedes

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Vettel looks at his future: could it be with Mercedes?
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In a world called off by a pandemics and somewhat frozen in an obliged and forced pause there is someone who is making a good use of this period to reflect on his future.

Sebastian Vettel, in fact, is still without a regular contract and he could use this pause to analyse his future options in racing.

The German driver wants to stay in Formula 1, there is no doubt about this but with which team, only time – and a good and worthy offer- will tell.

In a recently interview with the ‘Bild’, Vettel talked about Ferrari’s offer of a single-year contract for the 2021 season, calling it “a joke” before turning it down. What could be his future, then?

The first option happens to be Ferrari once again but the Maranello team has to make another offer more “serious” to keep a four-time World Champion with them.

The second one could be McLaren. The British team is improving very constantly, going up from the last positions on the Teams’ standings up to the fourth place in 2019, and the German could play a decisive role in its coming back in the Circus as a prominent team.

The third options is – let’s say it out aloud- Mercedes, switching places with Lewis Hamilton. In this way, he would continue to follow Michael Schumacher’s footsteps. Ralf talks about his impression on Sebastian’s next move.

“If he commits himself to Ferrari, then that’s the way it will be- Ralf declares-  Switching back from Ferrari to another team is always difficult in Formula 1. Ferrari has a special relationship with its drivers.

If he feels the support of the team, the subject of money should simply play a secondary role for the time being. https://motorlat.com/notas/f1/15238/vettel-i-am-ready-to-reduce-my-salary-to-stay-with-ferrari#.XqqSwa6D68Y.

If he achieves his goals this year, he can easily ask for more money afterwards. Otherwise, the only option for Sebastian would be to swap cockpits with Lewis Hamilton. Then he would get a car that he knows he can become World Champion in right away.”

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