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Something new from the ‘cool-down’ front: Seidl and Hembery's views

Both McLaren Team Principal and former Pirelli F1 manager are pointing towards a different direction for the sport.

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Something new from the ‘cool-down’ front: Seidl and Hembery's views
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"Keep it in Your holster, F1!". That would be proper claim to say to the entire Circus by Andreas Seidl and Paul Hembery: let's take a breath and reflect.

Reflect about taking care of the paddock personnel, about taking care of the public opinion, about conceiving a different concept of F1 coping with the new arising challenges. Some fractions of time before a sudden 'Lights out!'.

What I think is an important point is the public acceptance of events happening again

told Seidl to Autosport.

And, [that the tests] are available to people that actually need it, and that we are not the ones burning these tests or these materials, just for going back racing

A strong point of view when backing a company that without racing loses its DNA and a lot of their income.

As always, the most important thing is to protect our people. Definitely we can't go back to racing until we definitely know that our people are safe. And I think also, you need to see what the promoters are deciding because, especially with the changes of dates also for a lot of races, the promoters need to be up for it and it needs to make sense from the commercial point of view also for the promoters for F1

The former Ferrari F1 team principal has shared his thoughts on the situation that the world and specifically F1 is going through; reduce costs, decision to be taken, etc.

And Liberty Media is right in the middle of Paul Hembery's post on Facebook.

When the world is in lockdown, and no-one is able to understand or predict the next months, F1 announces it will try and start the season in July. Whilst the financial challenges are enormous for the sport, and the viability of teams, promoters and the rights holder itself a big question, today [edit Monday 27 April] was not the time to announce anything but the cancellation of the F1 season

attacks the Briton, alledging doubts over the feasibility of the entire season:

It is clear from almost all governments that the exit policy will be based around the introduction of a suitable vaccine. We are a long way from general availability of that. Maybe F1 knows that there is almost no hope of this calendar actually happening

In the last lines, Hembery tries to see some light at the end of the tunnel; the sport needs to change its core nature if it wants to survive:

But from crisis can come some good, and much opportunity. The possibility to build a more compelling and financially sustainable sport that provides greater spectator interest and places the drivers at the forefront. It’s going to need some 'big bollocks' and vision to do it though. It won’t be easy, far from pretty, but it needs confronting now in an honest and transparent manner

Some regrets to see 'Mr E' still in command?

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