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Team directors propose a plan to reduce the downforce on 2021 F1 cars.

The Technical Working Group agreed on a plan to cut downforce levels in 2021.

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Team directors propose a plan to reduce the downforce on 2021 F1 cars.
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Following the corona crisis, teams decided to postpone the 2021 regulation to the subsequent season. The existing specifications will apply next year, including the current 13-inch tires introduced by Pirelli in 2019. This leads to concerns that the current downforce would be excessive for the 2019 rubber.

As reported by Racefans.net, during the teleconference meeting on Thursday, the Technical Working group considered a further performance escalation for the next year, alongside the choice to continue with the old Pirelli compounds. The team directors proposed to modify the bodywork, floor, wings of current cars to lower the downforce levels and reduce, therefore, the load on the Pirelli 2019 compounds.

The directors also took into account how the development will be restricted in the upcoming season. Teams aim to reduce the costs of upgrading cars while having the opportunity to address the weaknesses of the current cars.

The TWG proposed a token-based system, resembling the development system that was used at the start of the V6 hybrid turbo era in 2014. It is expected that ‘tokens’ will allow teams to focus on a limited number of areas to develop the 2020 cars.

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