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Eddie Jordan on Vettel: "The train in Ferrari was long gone for him"

Eddie Jordan has made some polemic statements in which he says that Seb has nothing more to do in Ferrari and he also predicts who will be his successor.

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Eddie Jordan on Vettel: "The train in Ferrari was long gone for him"
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The Formula 1 six-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, is, for many, the best driver that has existed in the entire history of the category, while, for others, the British is the best of this era, however, they argue that still it lacks to reach the great ones, such as Senna, Schumacher or Fangio. The British driver has been one of the main topics of conversation in motorsport due to the rumours that have appeared. These comment that the six-time world champion is looking for a new team, since he plans to leave Mercedes. Rumours say that Ferrari is his first option, since it is believed that Vettel will not renew with the Italians and will go to either McLaren or Red Bull, or failing that, to retirement. Lewis is not a person who comments or posts many things on his social networks, but in recent days, his main appearances on these networks have been to show solidarity with the world due to the pandemic that is taking place in many countries, but also for clarify that he is and will continue to be a Mercedes driver. Hamilton comments that he is very happy being with the German team, although who would not be happy being in a team with which you have won 5 of your 6 championships? Anyway, Eddie Jordan has commented some of his predictions about his future as a driver and also of the German team.

"I am convinced that Mercedes, Honda and perhaps Renault will end their commitment in Formula 1 in the next two years. Mercedes cannot do anything else, they have won everything and they will sell their team, perhaps to Lawrence Stroll, who aspires to become champion with his son in Aston Martin, and doing it with Racing Point would be difficult, ”says Jordan. The main argument of this premise goes back to the crisis caused by the virus of Chinese origin that is causing the pandemic. We have also seen that the Canadian businessman, father of Racing Point driver Lance Stroll, who is willing to do a lot of things as long as Lance becomes a Formula 1 world champion, as he did a few weeks ago when he bought around 16%. Aston Martin, making Racing Point the British team from 2021.

"I imagine that Mercedes will enter into a more intense association with McLaren as in previous times." Jordan commented. Recall that by 2021, the McLaren-Mercedes alliance will re-exist, since those from Woking have decided to leave the Renault engines for the Mercedes. That can also be a controversial issue, as the French team stopped being Toro Rosso’s, Red Bull Racing’s, and proximately McLaren’s power unit supplier. These are huge financial losses, since we are talking about impressive sums of money, in addition to the fact that Renault is not a top team that is normally fighting for podiums and victories, but they also have to send money to the development of their car. What will happen to the French team? Anyway, that will be discussed soon.

As we have said, Eddie Jordan has commented on his predictions about the driver market, which may be quite controversial. “Lewis is going to Ferrari, only they can pay his salary and they know he is worth it. Unlike Hamilton, I don't know Seb very well, but in my opinion, he has no choice but to stop [retire] or go to McLaren. The train in Ferrari was long gone for him. Verstappen will stay with Red Bull and try to beat Lewis, although it will be very difficult.” For Eddie Jordan, this will be what will happen once everything related to the current pandemic is over. There are some rumours (which Jordan did not comment on) that the four-time German champion (Sebastian Vettel) will return with the team with which he won all 4 of his world championships, that is, Red Bull Racing. How likely is this? It should be noted that all the statements made by Eddie Jordan were commented on in an interview with the media ‘F1-Insider.com’.

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