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Brawn aims to lower 2021 budget cap to $ 145m

The Formula 1 boss is hoping to set the budget cap to $145 million for the 2021 season.

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Brawn aims to lower 2021 budget cap to $ 145m
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The Coronavirus crisis has not only forced the whole world to stop and Formula 1 to wait to start the 70th edition of the World Championship but it brought along a series of unknown changes for the next seasons.

Usually, a great part of new details is decided during the season. The point is: what season?

The 2020 is stuck, the new calendar is taking shape from time to time and the lockdown of the teams is causing a financial collapse of their budget. A situation like this is an emergency that needs to be taken care by a leader and Ross Brawn seems ready to help.

The Americanhas recently analysed the situation of the budget cap during a phone meeting with the FIA and Formula 1. He thinks that it could be a good idea to lower the limit from 170 million dollars to 145, as a cause of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

One of the parts of the meeting is surely the budget cap. “The budget cap's initial objectives were a more competitive field and I think with the situation we have now, then the economic sustainability of Formula 1 is the priority," said Brawn.


"I think that counts as much for the big teams as it does for the small teams.

It has become very clear from the people who stand above some of the team principals and management of these teams that the message is clear - we've got to cut costs. And therefore, another big step in the reduction of the cost cap. We started at 175 [million dollars], that was a long battle to get it there, and with the current crisis we are now going to start at 145 and the discussion really is how much further down we can drive the next few years."

The goal is simple: a more balanced Formula 1. Now we have to see if it will be accepted by the teams.

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