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Hakkinen: "Vettel a great addition for every team"

Hakkinen spoke about the future of the four-time world champion, saying that he still has a lot to give to this sport and that he will be an added value for any team he will choose to race with.

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Hakkinen: "Vettel a great addition for every team"
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Sebastian Vettel's future remains unknown. It seems that the first attempt of contract renewal proposed by Ferrari was rejected by Vettel, annoyed more by the fact that it was a one-season contract rather than for the salary reduction.

The German remains the first choice of the Maranello team, which seems now to have offered a two-year contract as requested by the four-time world champion.

However, to say that Vettel will still drive for Ferrari next year is risky. Indeed, many have approched the name of Sainz to Ferrari. And it is a hypothesis that could take shape if Vettel decides to move to another team.

In any case, former driver Mika Hakkinen stressed that Sebastian Vettel will be an important driver for any team he will choose.

I think Sebastian’s future depends solely on his personal motivation”, Hakkinen said. “In terms of age, he can still race for many years. The life of a Formula 1 driver demands a lot from you and takes up a large part of your life”.

So if Sebastian wants to continue after this season, he would be a great addition – for every team. Sebastian is a big personality, and not just because of his four World Championship titles”.

Lewis is a very mature driver, he makes little or no mistakes, knows his car inside out and is still learning. If Mercedes puts him back in such a fast and reliable car, it will be very, very difficult for the rest of the field”.

Speaking about the season that should start in July, Hakkinen said that the three top teams will continue to be the only ones to win races. But he added that he hopes to see McLaren drivers Sainz and Norris on the podium sometimes.

The big three Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull will continue to be at the top. Of course, it would also be nice for the fans if new teams and drivers made it onto the podium. I hope my friends at McLaren make further progress and Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris will be on the podium more often”, Hakkinen told.

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