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Top 5 Sebastian Vettel wins with Ferrari

In the wake of today’s news, we would like to highlight the 5 best moments of Sebastian Vettel during his career in Ferrari.

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Top 5 Sebastian Vettel wins with Ferrari
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Here we are, the moment of saying goodbye has come. During these hours, in fact, we had the official statement of the joint divorce between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari. It is the end of an era. The German arrived in Maranello in 2015 with a very ambitious goal: to win his 5th World Title with Ferrari. The Prancing Horse had the dream team, with the Maranello-based team who could show a line-up composed by two world champions, him and Kimi Raikkonen. Since that moment, almost five year have passed by. The German driver could not fulfil his dream and Ferrari chose to invest on a youngster with a strong team on his back like Charles Leclerc.

Although Sebastian Vettel’s career in Ferrari had not been easy, who knows if we should point out this to bad luck or his own mindset, there were some great memories too.

The same Vettel claimed he wanted to thank Ferrari for all the good memories they shared. Let’s have a look on the best 5.

  • The first happy memory is the first win with Ferrari. It was the Malaysian GP back in 2015.  The previous day he had outqualified Kimi Räikkönen for fourth on the grid and on Sunday, Vettel followed that up with winning the Malaysian Grand Prix. It was a special moment because it was his first race win for over a year and the first win for Ferrari for almost two years. It was also his 40th Grand Prix win, putting him one win behind Ayrton Senna, the 3rd-placed driver on the all-time list.  We would like to remember also that moment after the win. In that occasion an emotional Vettel paid tribute to Michael Schumacher, saying that his hero's achievements with Ferrari made the first win all the more special.
  • Sebastian started with the right foot the 2017 In fact, he won the first race in Melbourne and it was a very important one, as he scored the first victory after 18 months. And what a victory it was! He arrived first giving ten clear seconds to Lewis Hamilton, who arrived second.
  • The third beautiful moment was when Vettel ruled in Sakhir, at Bahrain GP in 2018. That was his fourth win in that circuit and he became the most successful driver of that Grand Prix, by conquering his fourth victory.
  • The fourth win we want to remember is Canada 2018. In Montreal, he started from the pole and went right to the finish line, signing his 50th victory in his career, becoming just the fourth man in F1 history to reach a half-century of wins, after Prost, Schumacher and Hamilton. Moreover, it was also the 14th time in Vettel's career he led a race from start to finish, with only Senna ahead.
  • The last beautiful victory is a bittersweet one. We are talking about 2019 win in Canada, the one that was eliminated by the FIA but Vettel won it clearly and did it with merit. In that occasion, everybody was sure that he was out of his blurry moment and could achieve a lot more. Even Maranello exposed the victory’s flag from its factory.https://motorlat.com/notas/f1/14169/vettels-2019-bittersweet-memories-canadas-stolen-victory#.Xrpxy-J8J3g.


It is the past: we hope that Vettel will go ahead, reflect on his future and focus on his goals and give us a lot more of beautiful wins to write about. At the end of the day, every end is just a new beginning.

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