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Top 5 worst mistakes from Vettel at Ferrari

After the official statement, Sebastian Vettel, who is a four-time world champion, will no longer be a Ferrari driver from the 2021 season onwards. Here we review the top 5 worst mistakes that he made with the Italian team.

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Top 5 worst mistakes from Vettel at Ferrari
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After the official statement from Scuderia Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel will no longer be a Ferrari driver after the 2020 Formula 1 season. This news was leaked yesterday by German media but today, the Italian team has confirmed the rumours since they published their position regarding the topic. Seb has had some good triumphs with Ferrari, good battles but his aim was to become a five-time world champion with the Italian team. Let’s remember that Michael Schumacher was his hero and Michael achieved 5 out of his 7 championships with Ferrari and Seb once told that his aim was to be, at least once, world champion with the Italians. As the German has had particularly good triumphs, he also has had big mistakes that cost him maybe championships or, at least, fighting for it. In this piece, we are going to review his top 5 worst mistakes at Ferrari.

5.- 2019 Italian Grand Prix

Seb started the race in P4 while his teammate, Charles Leclerc, started in pole position. In the first lap he struggled to find grip, therefore Nico Hulkenberg’s Renault was able to overtake him, putting the German down into P5. Seb did not lose time and quickly regained the position. After being in P4 for a couple of laps, Seb was in the Ascari Chicane when he lost the rear of his car and spun by himself. When he tried to go back on track, he had a little contact with Lance Stroll’s Racing Point and made him spun, and when the Canadian tried to recover, he crashed with Pierre Gasly’s Toro Rosso. This little mistake from the German made himself go down into P20 as he needed to pit due to the crash that broke his front wing. In lap 10, the stewards decided to impose a 10-second stop and go penalty to Seb with the argument of returning to the track in an unsafe manner. Finally, Vettel was able to put himself up into P13, but it was not the plan that neither Ferrari nor him, have thought as Monza is one of their best circuits as they had a very powerful power unit.

4.- 2019 British Grand Prix

Seb was starting in P6 after an exceedingly difficult qualifying session. With a solid start, the German driver was able to overtake Pierre Gasly’s Red Bull and the Frenchman couldn’t regain the position. While both Mercedes were fighting for P1 and Leclerc and Max were fighting for P3, Seb was running in P5 calmly. In lap 11, Max tried to overtake Leclerc in P3 but the Dutchman had a difficult exit from turn 4 making himself get slower into the Wellingtone straight, therefore Seb was able to fight against him but didn’t achieve the overtake, a little behind, Pierre Gasly was looking dangerous in his mirrors. In lap 12, Gasly attempted for the overtake on Seb and achieved it. A lot of driver pitted but Seb stayed on track and maintain himself in P2. An incident caused by Giovinazzi in turn 16 made the safety car come to track and Seb took the chance to pit making his way up into P3. With a wrong Ferrari strategy, Leclerc was struggling to overtake Pierre Gasly while Max was approaching to Seb. In lap 37, Max tried to overtake Seb in turn 15 and achieved it, but in turn 16, when Seb was trying to regain the position, he lost the brakes and crashed into Max. The German had big damage in the front of his car, so he needed to stop to change his entire front wing, while Max only lost a few positions but the podium as well. Seb finished the race in P16 since he got a 10-second time penalty for causing a collision.

3.- 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Seb qualified P4 behind his teammate (Kimi Raikkonen) and both Mercedes, as they locked up the first row. Vettel took full advantage of Kimi’s incident with Valtteri Bottas and the German make his way up into P2 behind Lewis Hamilton. An ideal scenario for a lot of driver to make their pit stop came alive as Max Verstappen had an engine issue and Dannil Kvyat suffered a complete show down in his car, parking his car in a tricky position, therefore, the Safety Car was deployed. Both Vettel and Lewis decided to pit behind the SC. The Safety Car was about to get into the pit lane when race control decided that it will stay longer as some debris was still on track. When everything was alright on track, the drivers were informed that the Safety Car was ending and Vettel, who was running in P2, needed to stay very close to Hamilton so there’d be a chance of overtaking him. In turn 15, Seb was too close to Lewis as they were preparing themselves for the restart but suddenly, Lewis reduce his speed considerably and Seb had contact with his rear. The Ferrari driver was furious and went alongside of the British and turned in to hit Lewis on purpose. Laps later, Hamilton had an issue with his headrest and was forced to pit so he can get a new one. This issue made Vettel go up into P1. But the incident between these two drivers was under investigation for dangerous driving. A few laps later, the stewards decided to impose a 10-second stop and go penalty to the German driver. Seb finished the race in P4 while Lewis finished just behind him. This incident did not have huge consequences and he still got some good points, but that particular movement is remembered as unsportsmanlike conduct from Seb.

2.- 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix

Seb was starting in P2 alongside pole sitter Max Verstappen. In the start, Seb had a good one but Lewis had a better one, making the German go down into P3. In lap 22, Seb was running in P1 as the leader and Hamilton had already pitted. When the German driver pitted, he moves into P4 but once his teammate pitted, Leclerc goes down into P5, making the German regain P3. In lap 59, when the Safety Car (which was deployed due to the retirement of Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes) was ending, Lewis was leading the race with Max on his toes, in the battle for P3 was Seb, who was trying to defend from Albon and his teammate. In the restart, Max goes up into the lead, while Albon makes his way on Seb to get P3 and the last podium position. Lap 66 comes in and Charles Leclerc makes a risky manoeuvre but achieves the overtake on his teammate to take P4, Seb doesn’t give up and has Leclerc’s slipstream after the Senna esses, the German goes alongside of the other Ferrari, Seb closes a little bit of the line but the cars touched and it comes out as a double Ferrari retirement! There have been a lot of talks of who has the fault of the incident but we’re not going to take a side and it was a 50-50 percent of guilty.

1.- 2018 German Grand Prix

Seb was starting on pole position in his home race and he could maintain it by the end of the first lap. It worth mention that there was an 8-point gap in the drivers’ championship between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, that would’ve mean that if Seb won the GP, he could’ve regained the lead in the championship. Pit stops started to appear and Seb pitted, there was a point in which Kimi was ahead of him, but team orders made their job and let Seb by. Rain also started and the track started to have tricky conditions. In lap 52, Seb was running “comfortable” in P1 but a little and minuscule mistake made him oversteer and he ended up in the barriers by himself. This was the boiling point of the championship as Seb couldn’t beat Hamilton for the rest of the year in terms of the drivers’ championship.

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