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Marko: “Of course we want to keep Christian Horner”

The contrast between Christian Horner - Red Bull team principal - and the leaders of the Austrian team has generated "rumours" that have defined Horner's situation as precarious.

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Marko: “Of course we want to keep Christian Horner”
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The British team principal expressed his disappointment at the lowering of the budget cap foreseen by Formula 1, believing that it is not the right way to go.

And he talked about it on the Red Bull website stating firmly: “F1 teams will always spend whatever budget they have available to them. Plus an extra 10 percent.”

Horner thinks that selling customer cars is much more efficient and he affirmed that this lowering of the budget cap is “missing the point”.

"If the main target of a cost cap is about being competitive and helping the smaller teams, especially as we come through the current crisis, then I would be fully open to selling our cars at the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi.”

Red Bull, on the other hand, fully supports the idea proposed by Formula 1 to lower the large costs involved in the races.

In fact, the board of team leaders, which also includes Helmut Marko - Red Bull advisor -, think that this lowering could make F1 and its teams continue to survive for a long term period.

Given the contrast of perceptions in F1, rumours have arisen regarding the future presence of Christian Horner in the Red Bull team. Rumours that Marko denied immediately.

In the German publication Sport1, the Austrian "consolidated" Horner's position within the team by saying: “There is nothing there.”

“Of course we want to keep Mr. Horner.

“The only thing that has happened recently: Horner was against the planned budget reduction, which helps all teams to save money. But we are all for that".

“That’s why there was a controversy.”

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